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    The Rules!


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    The Rules!

    Post  Niall on Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:25 am

    Footy-World Rules!

    Here at Footy-World we want the best for the community, to ensure that we have implied some rules. We don’t ask for much at Footy-World but what we do ask is for you to follow these simple rules. Thanks. Very Happy

    Signatures & Avatars

    We encourage the use of signatures and avatars in the forums but we do not want to see them offend others. Also we advise you not to leave your e-mail in a signature or avatar since it may result in you receiving lots of spam.

    Replying To Topics

    We want everyone to get posting as much as possible but only post if you’re going to post sensibly. We do not want to see silly one word posts such as haha or your post will simply be deleted. If you are found to be doing this a lot your post count will be reset and you will receive a warning which may result in possible ban.

    Creating Topics

    We welcome you to create whatever topics you want as long as they are within the rules. But please make sure you’re posting topics in the right place, such as do not post a Celtic thread in the Spanish league section. Also we ask you to check is a forum has been created before posting your own so there’s no duplication of threads.

    Text Talk!

    We do not want text talk on the forums! It can be very annoying and hard to understand. So please do not do it. There is not limit of characters you can use in a post so there’s no need to use text talk. Anyone persistently breaking this rule will be punished! The only shortened text we allow is:
    KIU = Keep It Up
    KUTGW = Keep Up The Good Work


    SPAM = Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages
    Do not post SPAM! If you do you will be instantly punished!

    Advertising other sites

    Do not advertise other sites on the forum! Football site or not it’s not allowed! If you would like to become an affiliate of Footy-World or advertise on Footy-World please contact us.
    Please, when posting a news story from an official source, quote the site, but do not give a link!

    The PM System

    All personal messages sent via Footy-World are logged, so any PM used to abuse other members or break rules will result in the member who sent it being banned.

    Foul/Abusive Language

    We have a fair tolerance of foul language but if it is used in any way to abuse other members or used recessively then there will be consequences; please keep in mind Footy-World is open to any ages.

    Multiple Accounts

    Anyone found to have multiple accounts will have all their account removed.

    Double Posting

    There is an edit system for a reason. Please do not double post on the same topic twice in a row without reply and if you do make a mistake on a post then you can edit it. Also please do not post inappropriate images on Footy-World. Unacceptable Images will be deleted and the user will suffer the consequences.


    Please do not post topics regarding specific players' allegations, such as sexuality, breaking of the law etc. Whether these stories are true or not, players can sue Footy-World for damaging their reputation by UK law. This would almost certainly mean the end of Footy-World. Also when posting things such as images or news articles either link to the original source and comment, or quote the site which you got it from.


    Footy-World accepts no responsibility for the content posted on this site. Messages are regularly checked by the staff team, and inappropriate content is deleted. Footy-World cannot guarantee inappropriate material is deleted within 24 hours, especially in busy periods.

    The moderator's/administrator's decision is final. If you would like explanation of a decision, please contact the moderator, area manager or administrator for details.

    Footy-World does not claim to own the copyright of articles posted on this site unless stated. Site design copyright to Footy-World unless stated otherwise.

    Rules Inspired By totalfootballforums[u]

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