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    FM 2009 Stories Forum Rules

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    FM 2009 Stories Forum Rules

    Post  Rossi on Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:59 am

    Welcome to Footy-world it s known within the fm world that many people love to do a good story on their career within the game as the sire grows we hope to have many successful SOMS so for when that time comes here are a few rules:

    1 - One story alone

    Each member can only have 1 story running at any one time

    2 - Updates

    You must update your SOMS at least once a week. If you cant update your thread for a week, let a moderator know through PM. If a moderator finds a SOMS that hasn't been updated for longer than a week, it will be closed.

    3 - Patience

    If your thread is closed or you request for your thread to be closed and you have not completed a season, you will have to wait 7 days until you can start another story. The seven days start when a moderator closes your thread.

    4 - Headers

    If you would like have a header added to your SOMS, simple pm a moderator, and we'll gladly add the header or caption to your piece of work.

    5 - Be nice

    Being constructive is hard, we all know that. However when commenting, try to be specific in what you think needs improvement. The writer gains more from "I noticed you are using this or that color for your match updates, my idea is that those colors don't fit into this story because they are the colors of your teams rivals!" than a simple "class presentation, kiu". Also if you like a story, please tell what you like about it.

    That concludes the rules hope you abide by them and have fun writing Cool

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