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    *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-


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    *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-

    Post  Niall on Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:29 pm

    Basically guys i might be selling the site,

    Everything will stay the same unless the new owner wants to make massive changes.

    Whoever buys it will be getting:

    - a good domain thats already set up (
    - a good header already made (the aguero one at the top of the screen)
    - in charge of appointing and removing staff and in control of everything to do with the forum.
    - The site is already in search engines such as Yahoo! and Msn.

    Also i have put the site on a free forum software not IPB, instead it is with forumotion which has many good features.
    (This doesnt affect the layout of the site, everything is still the same)

    So thats it basically, all i need to do is put you as an admin and you will have full control of the forums.

    Im selling it cheap since its a new site with only free forum software, but the site has lots of potential! an i will still be a member its just im to busy at the moment to keep it running.

    Whoever buys the site can ask for help from me since im always willing to help. They will also have full control of the forums and i will have no say on what goes on anymore.

    Basically if you want to make an offer say in this thread and contact me via e-mail (

    i have had an offer of £10 so far, and im giving that person first rights to any more bids that may come in. So any advances from £10 will be considered.

    The deadline for bids is Sunday 14th Decemeber 2008 at 22.00 GMT

    Payment can be via PayPal or post Wink

    Thanks Guys Very Happy

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    Re: *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-

    Post  Ryan on Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:47 pm

    As Niall said hes recieved an offer. That offer was from Me. I know you then may look at my post amount and think WTF!? Basically I want the site to succedd. I would like to thank Niall for considering my offer. If I took over, Id want to do everything I can ensure to make the site succeed and I would ask for members to consider ways to improve the site etc. You, THE MEMBERS! Would have a say on major things and New and excing ideas will be brought to the table with me in charge. I would like to say thank you for reading the above and Have a happy Christmas Smile

    I hopefully look forward in taking over the site Very Happy

    Feel free to ask me or Niall any questions

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    Re: *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-

    Post  KP on Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:06 pm

    Good Luck to whoever buys this site. I think Niall has done a marvellous job so far.

    I'm backing Ryan all the way. Known him off Neo and seems a good guy, knows his stuff and has the ability to control a forum. Good Luck Ryan cheers
    Robertos 7
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    Re: *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-

    Post  Robertos 7 on Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:11 pm

    As am i KP ryan does know his stuff and is well capable of controlling a forum and i look forward to it if he gets it.

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    Re: *****VERY IMPORTANT***** -All members must read-

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